Flex • Inflator

Inflation equipment for use in the following types of airbags:

  • Flex
  • Flex Eco
  • Flex Plastic

We recommend that you always use the original inflation equipment and a reliable compressor to inflate the airbags of Bates Cargo-Pak. The inflation times are shown in the separate data sheets for each type of airbag.

Compressed air

All types of compressors can be used to inflate airbags from Bates Cargo-Pak. The capacity of the compressor and the tank should be defined based on the need and actual use of the airbags.
The capacity requirements of the compressor and tank depend on the following:

  • The number of airbags to be filled
  • The size of the airbags
  • The empty spaces between the load
  • The filling time required

The inflation equipment chosen, the diameter and length of the hose – all these factors influence the filling time