Founded in 1999, Cargopak is the result of a strong partnership with Bates Cargo-Pak: the company that created the original load-locking airbags.

Over the decades, this Danish company has been perfecting and optimizing these “airbags” while maintaining a high focus on quality control and marketing only certified products.

This partnership, coupled with the accumulated experience, has given Cargopak high skills in terms of cargo protection during transport, as well as a deep knowledge of the Iberian market.


The Cargopak team strives to create added value for all its customers, presenting the most efficient and competitive solution, based on a personalized advice tailored to the reality of each company. We seek to be a reliable, loyal and environmentally conscious partner, based on the high and constant quality of our products.

  • Stock available for delivery.
  • We are specialists and we focus on airbags for load locking because we believe it is the most efficient solution in the protection of merchandise during transportation.
  • We are fully available to advise and accompany you on the best decision to protect your merchandise.


Our airbags are made of recyclable materials and can be disposed of without any adverse impact on the environment. Their composition complies with applicable standards for heavy metals and are easy to separate, discard and recycle.

All components used in inflatable airbags are approved for use in packaging materials that come in direct contact with food products.

A simple solution – especially when compared with less practical alternatives, more expensive and harmful to the environment.


Bates Cargo-Pak is a Danish company based in Aalborg which started manufacturing the first load-locking airbags in 1975 so we can fairly designate them as “the originals” both at product and concept level.

Even today all Bates Cargo-Pak inflatable bags are produced in the only production facility in Aalborg – Denmark.

Bates Cargo-Pak inflatable airbags have been used for cargo protection all over the world and therefore in all types of weather.

We are aware of the often extreme differences in transport conditions in different geographical locations. We have experience in dealing with all types of problems related to cargo safety and damage caused by transportation.