How it work


To use our load-locking airbags you only need 3 things:

  • Cargo-pak bates airbags
  • The bates charge-pak filling gun
  • One line of compressed air / compressor

As all valves in our airbags are patented, they can only be inflated with the respective filling guns supplied by us.
The pistol must be connected to a compressed air system whose hose is sufficiently compressed to reach the interior of the container.



The empty air bags are positioned in the intervals between the loads and subsequently inflated with compressed air in just a few seconds. The reduced weight of the airbags makes them easy to handle and fit in place, even at ranges that are difficult to reach.




The valves, being rotatable, can be inflated at diagonal angles, making them suitable for small and narrow intervals. Our valve system and our inflation equipment ensure that our airbags have the fastest inflation times on the market.