Material: Paper
Resistencia: Max 9 Ton
Utilização: Unique
Válvula: Flex

“Plastic” airbags are used in very light applications, mainly as filling of empty spaces.


Flex Plastic is used to safely secure loads that are transported in containers or on the road and which are at risk of being subjected to a maximum weight of 9 tonnes. The empty airbag should be placed in the empty spaces between the load and then blown using compressed air. The airbag assumes the exact shape of the gap and sustains and stabilizes the load effectively during transport. The airbag is intended to be used only once and is especially suitable for narrow voids.


Flex Plastic is composed of 3 layers of high quality PE film, which is coextruded, guaranteeing maximum sealing and resistance.


The Flex Plastic is equipped with a patented valve that allows a very fast inflation. The valve can be rotated 360°, which allows the air bag to be inflated from all angles. The valve closes automatically after the inflation. They are very easy to use in all types of cargo operations.