Material: Paper
Resistencia: Max 9 Ton
Utilização: Single
Válvula: Striker

The “Eco Striker” airbags are mainly used in shipping containers and for transportation on trucks. These bags are single-use and have the patented Striker valve applied.


The Eco Striker is used to safely secure cargo that is being transported in a container or by road, and which is at risk of being subjected to a maximum weight of 9 tons. The empty airbag is placed inside the gaps between the cargo, and then inflated using compressed air. The airbag takes the exact shape of the empty space and effectively supports and stabilizes the cargo during transportation. The airbag is for single use only.


The Eco Striker is composed of a layer of special paper, ensuring maximum strength and low weight of the airbag. Inside, the Reusable is composed of 1 layer of high quality PE film, which is co-extruded, ensuring maximum sealing tightness.


This airbag is equipped with a patented valve that allows very fast inflation. The valve closes automatically after inflation.