Presence at Empack’22

Cargopak was once again present at Empack and Logistics & Automation Porto, which already has 6 editions.

Cargopak’s participation was not only to present its products, but also to be aware of the latest in technology, machinery and materials from the main national and international brands in the sector, all designed to optimize packaging processes, logistics and automation in the supply chain and distribution channels. Specialists from the various areas, like logistics, were also heard.


Airbags Cargopak

Cargopak was visited by current customers in the Iberian market, as well as many potential customers.  Our inflatable “cushions” for cargo transportation were what most aroused the interest of those who visited us.

One of the most frequent questions was about the airbag inflation process. It is simple, they all come with valves, which can be inflated in the most difficult and imaginable angles, because they are rotating. In fact for those who work with cargo transport, you know that it is very common that the spaces are sometimes very tight and difficult to access. This rotary valve feature, together with our inflation equipment, ensures that our airbags have the fastest inflation times on the market.


The Handling

One of the most important and also most questioned parts during Empack and Logistics & Automation Porto 2022, was the handling of the airbags. They have to be positioned, still empty, in the intervals between loads and then inflated with compressed air, a process that takes only a few seconds. The low weight of the airbags makes them easy to handle and easy to fit into place, even in intervals that are difficult to reach.