Will you send your boat away?

We present a case study of Cargopak airbags used to transport a sailboat:


Departure: Cascais marina – Destination: a regatta in South Africa. This case was an experience and a test for the use of airbags in situations “out of the box”. The sailboat was not out of the box, it was inside a container and the aim was to arrive without any dent or damage.

Relying on the good use and strategic placement of airbags as shown by the images, the sailboat followed its way through the sea at the mercy of ripples and natural movements throughout its course.

In this case, the Bates Cargo-Pak Heavy airbags were used and the cargo arrived in South Africa well conditioned and without any oscillation that could cause damage. This case study has been referenced as an example of how our airbags can have uses outside the usual customs in the transport of merchandise and consolidated our experience for future situations.