Bates Cargo-Pak Airbags work side by side

Most competing products state in their safety instructions that airbags can not be placed side by side. This may cause the customer some issues when there are large spaces in the load.
The reason some manufacturers put this information in the airbag is because of the paper or plastic they use, which are very slippery. Side-by-side airbags slide the load during traffic, allowing the products to move and become damaged.
Bates Cargo-Pak airbags do not have this problem thanks to the properties of the paper we use: features high friction and anti-slip. This is very important for us as we have many customers in various industries who use our airbags in this way.



The following applications were developed with our customers who have used airbags placed side by side for many years. In some cases, a larger airbag can be used, but many companies want to reduce the stock and choose to purchase just one airbag size that will cover all their needs.


This UK customer sends high-value merchandise in a 20-foot container to China.

The weight was evenly spread and the airbags held each pallet successfully.



In this situation, the weight needed to be placed on the vehicle’s axle, so the pallet was secured with airbags.

The other pallets were placed side by side helping to block this first pallet.

Many loads are successfully transported in this way.



This container was filled with very heavy battery pallets to Japan.

The space between the pallets was very large and the solution was to place airbags side by side, throughout the entire cargo.

This is still how the containers go safe today and have proven to be a very successful process.


This customer sends pallets of food products to refrigerated trucks.

To ensure that the weight is balanced, a pallet is placed in the middle of the load and secured by airbags in this manner, the rest of the pallets are placed back side by side to the side of the doors.



Here is another example of food products inside a refrigerated truck where the last pallet is next to the door.

This is safe on the spot using four airbags, two on each side as well as with safety bars.



Some of our customers carry heavy metals and need side-by-side airbags.

Here we have some Grand airbags that are well protected against sharp edges, holding steel coils.



All of the above photos show airbag applications currently used by some of our customers worldwide. We did not have any negative reports or news about the airbags slipping or changing positions. This is due to the high quality paper we use in products we believe in, ensuring that our customers and their cargoes are protected in the best possible way.

If you need more information on any use of airbags, please contact us via our form.